Account of user

Any user needs to register as one member on our website for shopping, using our services and to receive special promotions and experience latest activities. For security as well as safety, each and every customer must create one registered account only. If any customer attempts to create more than one or several accounts, the rights of suspending those accounts without any further notice is reserved by us.

Order placement

To make sure that the product description, features and pricing are accurate, all efforts are given. But there might be some situations where errors will arise and we will not accept any order in these situations. We will contact you with complete explanation if such mistake occurs and will give you one corrected offer.  Customers can also never benefits from bugs and mistakes that affect our website. Such benefits are unjust and thus customers have to waive them immediately. The information that is displayed will be considered as one invitation and never as one confirmed sale offer. Contract will also be confirmed when there is supply of products.

Cancellation of order

Any customer can cancel his/her order any time before it is shipped. Please remember to contact the support center. Moreover, if the order is dispatched, it can never be cancelled, changed and refunded. Once you receive the order, our warranty as well as return policy will become effective.

Shipping as well as delivery

The shipping duration that is displayed on our website refers to the dispatch time that has been estimated for the order. As the actual order delivery time can get impacted by various events beyond our control, we usually suggest that if any customer has a special event they wish to use the ordered item for, they must order the items in advance. We can never be held responsible for any late delivery. But we will always work to ensure that you have a fantastic shopping experience.

Sometime situations may arise that we confirm your order but find out that we cannot deliver it to you. If we are unable to supply any ordered product within the specified time, we will contact our customers and then offer them to cancel their placed order as well as refund the paid amount in full.

Our delivery process is very simple and we send orders to home and workplace too. Customers will be held liable to provide complete as well as accurate shipping address. We will not be able to make any change to your shipping address once the orders is shipped and we will not be responsible for orders lost because of incomplete and incorrect address. All orders that are reported to be delivered by the shipping companies will be considered to be delivered. We cannot be made responsible for non-delivery in such situations. If the delivery address to which the order is sent along with the remaining contact details are the accurate address as well as contact details as given by the customer, then we will not be liable if any order is returned. Whatever is ordered by the customer is what will get shipped. We can never be responsible for any customer receiving any incorrect item if they have placed wrong orders.

Exchange as well as returns

After you receive your order and you are not satisfied with it completely, then you can return it within 45 days of the delivery for refund. Thus you will get money back guarantee. Any return will be taking 5 business days approximately for the completion of the procedure once the product has arrived. The exact time period will depend on the payment that has been used such as credit card, bank account, etc. Remember to keep the product in its original packaging. The original boxes should be kept intact and should include manuals, documents and accessories if provided by us as well as the manufacturer. Our money back guarantee will never cover volume or wholesale as well as personalized orders. Any order that is shipped back to us will be paid by the customers. Returned products that are not defective will be refunded within the period that has been stated. Products that have been tampered by the customer will never be replaced but can be returned at the own expense of the customer. Refund amount can never be more than the original amount that has been paid to us for the order. We are not liable for and have no idea about bank fees or any exchange rate charge that will occur. Such fees are actually processed by the issued bank and will never get refunded by us.


Any discounted order or end of line items can be returned for repair. Not any refund or replacement will be possible.

Customer conduct

We will always work to resolve any issue to satisfy our customer professionally, courteously and in a friendly way. But we will never tolerate unacceptable and unreasonable behaviours towards any customer service agents.