Shipping Preferences

Each time an order is placed via our Shopping Cart that includes more than 1 delivery date, you can select for your order to get shipped in the least possible packages. You can also choose your order to be delivered as early as each of the products is available. Shipping preferences can be changed in the account any time after you place the order as long as your order is not a part of the shipping procedure yet.

Delivering products in the least possible packages

For any product that is in stock, your orders will be arranged into the least number of possible shipments. It will longer to ship on the basis of the availability of product. There will be only one shipping cost for the total order.

I want to receive my orders faster. Ship each product as soon as it is available (at extra price)

For products that are in stock, they are shipped as soon as they are available. Select this option if you wish to get some products fast.

The number of shipments created by us for your product will depend on:

  • Location in the fulfillment network

If the order has different items like a digital camera, a smart watch, a wall lamp and kitchen fixtures, they will be shipped separately. It will depend on where in the fulfillment network they are located.

  • Products need special shipping as well as handling (for instance, products that are usually large or heavy)

Such products are marked on the product information pages and will be shipped separately from other products in the order.


You should note that you will never be charged extra for shipping than the total amount that was quoted originally to you during the time of placing the order. Any shipper is selected based on the package weight and distance it needs to travel from the fulfillment center. Requests for any specific shipper will never be considered.

Where can the order be delivered to?

We ship to most of the countries worldwide.

Countries to which we do not ship include South Sudan and Palestine.

Click the button on our website of every product that you can view if this product can get delivered to that specific destination country. For instance:

Select destination country from the list of countries in the dropdown starting in alphabetical order. Check if the destination country is registered or unregistered, expedited shipping and shipping cost. Remember that the standard as well as expedited costs of shipping are only the estimates here. You need to visit the order page to have an idea of the actual shipping cost.

Shipping Restrictions

Some restrictions actually prevent us from shipping some products to all locations. You will receive notification during checkout if we would not be able to ship certain products to your mentioned address. Check the product detail page for any product specific shipping restriction. If possible, product detail page filter out those offers which can never be shipped to your delivery address. For determining the shipping address, we will be using your default1-Click the delivery address when you sign in to the account and 1-Click has been created; otherwise we will be using your IP address.


What are the offered shipping methods and respective shipping times?

We include 4 types of shipping methods such as unregistered, registered, priority line as well as expedited shipping. Additionally, the standard shipping will reach most of the countries and the priority line can reach most main countries. For the estimated shipping times you can contact our customer support.

Shipping cost

The price will depend on the product’s weight, destination, shipping method, warehouses as well as other considerations. You can check detailed pricing data when you place the order. You must select the right destination as well as warehouse and then choose the shipping method for obtaining a correct cost related to shipping.

Free Shipping

Orders are usually delivered within 5-8 working days. We process as well as ship the order in the most cost effective way that is possible. As a result we are able to pass the savings on to our customers as free shipping. If you check your orders and find out that your products are not shipped yet, then do not worry. We may take some time more than you expected to ship your order. But we will never delay shipping if it implies that we will miss the expected date of delivery.

Remember that if you reside in any area that is experiencing an unusual delay in service because of severe weather or natural disaster then add 2-3 working days to the estimated date of delivery. Sometime selecting more quantity for any item makes it ineligible for instant shipping as multiple units might be unavailable locally. So the option to select 1 day delivery may not be present.

Customs tax

Taxes will apply for any imported product or service and it is regulated by the law of the country. We are never responsible for tax invoice charged on its orders. Rate of shipping are estimates and will depend on various policies as well as rate of tax applied on each country. Contact your local customs for any clarity along with information.