Shipping and delivery

What shipping method do we use?

We follow three shipping methods such as Flat Rate, Standard and Expedited Shipping. For a better explanation of each of the shipping method, destination and estimated time of delivery please check our shipping method section.

Delivery in remote areas

Can we deliver products to remote areas?

Yes wherever our customers are, we can deliver the order to you. Courier partners can charge some nominal charge for delivery to remote areas. It is rare but may happen when the delivery address of the customer is very far from the main logistic center. If you are located in any remote area for the chosen courier, we will get in touch with you and discuss this issue. You have to make an additional payment for covering the fees of remote shipping from the courier. But if you do not wish to make payment for any extra fee, we will suggest you that you get your order shipped with Standard or Flat Rate Shipping. We will be refunding you the difference in the fee for shipping.

A product is missing its manual

Some of our products should be shipped with a manual but:

  • Sometime if the manual is not very good as well as you require extra help with the product.
  • Sometime we have made a mistake and did not put the manual in the order box.
  • Sometime the product is new and the manual of the manufacturer was too dire and we removed it.
  • Sometime the manufacturer believed that they were selling this product B2B only and thus no manual is present.

Here it is mentioned how we can help:

  • Get in touch with us with the order number as well as the product code. Let us know if there was any missing manual or what help you require regarding the function of the product.
  • If a manual was removed accidentally, we will be giving you the required link from where it can be downloaded.
  • If there is manual for the product, we might be already working to make one on our own. We will be sending that to you once it is done.


Can I pay Cash on Delivery?

Sorry but we only accept the payment that is made in advance. You can make use of any of our secure payment method for paying for your order. For detailed explanation you can check our payment methods.

Accepted payment methods

We mainly use PayPal for processing any secure online payment. Through PayPal we will accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express as well as bank transfer via debit card.

Warranty and return

What happens if any product is broken?

If any of our delivered products is defective, you will be protected under our Warranty.

  • Considering the product is still under the warranty and was not damaged physically, you can return the product to use and we will be repairing it.
  • All the return products will be handled under our Returned Merchandise Authorization policy: Please contact customer support and never send back any items if you do not obtain any assigned Returned Merchandise Authorization case number from us.
  • Under our wholesale terms and conditions, customers need to pay the fee for shipping to return authorized Return Merchandise Authorization orders back to us. While sending repaired and replacement products, we pay the cost of return shipping back to our customers.

Order status

How can I check my order status?

  • Log in to “My Account” section.
  • Click on “My Orders”.
  • Once you receive your payment, all your orders will show different stages of order status before they are shipped.
  • You can check the meaning of these order status messages by contacting you Customer Support Center.

Returns and aftersales

How can I apply for a return or aftersales service?

You can request for any return by applying for Return Merchandize Authorization once your order is delivered. Refer to the mentioned warranty time period your order.

What happens if I did not apply for Return Merchandize Authorization (RMA) but an agent of customer service offers an after sales solution, where can my RMA status be checked?

You can check the RMA status in the account in RMA list page.

What happens if RMA is issued and then I find out that there is extra problem for other products in the same order?

You can apply for different types of RMA within an order. We will be resolving all the after sales issue one after the other. We will first resolve the previous issue then the next one. If you require after sales service for various orders simultaneously, then you must submit a different RMA request for each and every order.

What happens if after issuing RMA, my product works finally and I do not require to return the product anymore?

Kindly inform our Customer Service through Support Center. They will close the applied RMA on your behalf.